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Friday 30 September 2016

Social Issues

The state of the world population 2015: shelter from the storm - a transformation agenda for women and girls in a crisis prone world.

Corporate Author:
United Nations Population Fund
J. Bhabha

Natural disasters and conflicts jeopardize the health of millions of women and adolescent girls every year. While remarkable progress has been achieved during the past decade protecting the health and rights of women and adolescent girls in humanitarian settings, the growth in need has outstripped the growth in funding and services. Yet, these services are of critical importance, especially for very young adolescent girls, who are the most vulnerable and least able to confront the many challenges they face, even in stable times. The State of World Population 2015 describes the impact of crises on women and girls and proposes a transformative agenda for the future

  • ISBN: 9780897149877
  • 30.50


Performance standards for shipborne radiocommunications and navigational equipment. 2016 ed.

Corporate Author:
International Maritime Organization

The new consolidated edition of Performance Standards for Shipborne Radiocommunications and Navigational Equipment incorporates all amendments adopted up to December 2015 including: (i) Electronic inclinometers; (ii) Bridge equipment and systems; (iii) Revised performance standards for shipborne voyage data recorders (VDR); (iv) Revised performance standards for the long-range identification and tracking of ships; (v) Amendments to the performance standards for devices to measure and indicate speed and distance and and worldwide radionavigation system.

  • ISBN: 9789280115963
  • 65.00