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Daily List 031

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Monday 15 February 2016

IT and Communications

The big data dilemma: fourth report of session 2015-16: report, together with formal minutes relating to the report.

House of Commons papers (2015-16) - 468.
Corporate Author:
Science and Technology Committee
Nicola Blackwood (chairman)

Big data is already a UK success story but it has huge unrealized potential, both as a driver of productivity and as a way of offering better products and services to citizens. The Committee warns that existing data is nowhere near fully exploited - companies are analysing just 12% of their data, and if 'data-phobe' businesses made good use of their data they could increase UK productivity by 3%. The Government can also do more to make its databases 'open' and to share them with businesses, and across Government departments to improve and develop new public services. A big data revolution will need action, the Committee warns, on digital skills and infrastructure, and also on people being able to give their informed consent for how their personal data is used. The Committee warns that the digital skills gap is approaching crisis levels, and that this not only has economic implications but also puts the quality and security of this data at risk. There are risks, as well as opportunities, from big data. The benefits therefore have to be weighted against the potential loss of privacy and the risks of the data being lost or misused. Seeking to balance the potential benefits of processing data and people's justified privacy concerns will not be straightforward.

  • ISBN: 9780215091147
  • 12.00

Social Issues

World statistics pocketbook 2015.

Series V 39.
Corporate Author:
United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Statistics Division

The World Statistics Pocketbook, 2015 edition is an annual compilation of key statistical indicators prepared by the United Nations Statistics Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Over 50 indicators have been collected from more than 20 international statistical sources and are presented in one-page profiles for 224 countries or areas of the world. This issue covers various years from 2005 to 2015. For the economic indicators, in general, three years - 2005, 2010 and 2013 - are shown; for the indicators in the social and environmental categories, data for one year are presented. The topics covered include: agriculture, balance of payments, education, energy, environment, food, gender, health, industrial production, information and communication, international finance, international tourism, international trade, labour, migration, national accounts, population and prices. The technical notes contain brief descriptions of the concepts and methodologies used in the compilation of the indicators as well as information on the statistical sources for the indicators. Reference to primary sources of the data is provided for readers interested in longer time-series data or more detailed descriptions of the concepts or methodologies.

  • ISBN: 9789211615968
  • 20.50


World investment report 2015: reforming international investment governance. [25th ed.].

Corporate Author:
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Provides the latest data and analysis of foreign direct investment (FDI) and other activities of transnational corporations, as well as the policies to regulate them at the national and international levels. It aims to analyse the cross-border activities of translational corporations and related policy measures with a view to helping policy makers formulate appropriate policy responses.

  • ISBN: 9789211128918
  • 76.95