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Tuesday 28 February 2017


Service rescue!: an implementation and improvement guide for incident management.

Corporate Author:
Nicole Conboy, Jan Van Bon

This book, "Service Rescue! An Implementation and Improvement Guide for Incident Management", is the result of merging two key disciplines: management theory and architecture on the one side, and well-tested practices on the other side. The two authors have joined forces, rewriting a topic that was considered established practice', but that actually has not received the attention it deserved for quite some time. The result is a clear message on how to structure that core capability that each service organisation needs so dearly to survive in its daily practice: restoration of services. The most significant differentiator in many lines of business is the factor customer satisfaction, which is highly influenced by the way the provider is handling any disturbance to the consumed services. This is where "incident management" finds its place. As any organisation is the result of only three means, People, Process, and Technology, the analysis of incident management in this book will be handled according to these three, and their integration

  • ISBN: 9780117083349
  • 35.00