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Wednesday 28 September 2016


Regional economic outlook: Asia and Pacific: building on Asia's strengths during turbulent times.

World economic and financial surveys
Corporate Author:
International Monetary Fund

Although Asia remains a growth leader in the global economy, growth is expected to ease slightly to 5.5 percent during 2016, with countries affected to varying degrees by a still weak global recovery, slowing global trade, and the short-term impact of China's growth transition. Structural reforms are needed if Asia is to maintain its position in the global economy, including reforms aimed at enhancing productive capacity. Needed reforms range from state-owned enterprise and financial sector reform in China to labor and product market reforms in Japan and reforms to remove supply bottlenecks in India, ASEAN, frontier economies, and small states.

  • ISBN: 9781498350921
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IT and Communications

Understanding Agile: a guide for managers [PDF].

Corporate Author:
Stationery Office
Steve Messenger

Understanding Agile is a practical guide for managers who are currently working in an Agile environment or have plans to adopt an Agile methodology within their organization. This guide describes what Agile means, its benefits and pitfalls, and the difference between Agile and the more traditional Waterfall approach. Endorsed by the DSDM Consortium, this publication provides valuable insight and practical assistance for managers working with Agile teams. It explains how you can create a sustainable Agile environment and use Agile to add value to your business.

  • ISBN: 9780117082953
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Law & Order

World drug report 2016.

Corporate Author:
United Nations. Office on Drugs and Crime

The World Drug Report provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the world's illicit drug markets. Chapter one of the World Drug Report 2016 provides a global overview of the latest statistics, trends and developments with respect to opiates, cocaine, cannabis and synthetic drugs, ranging from production to trafficking as well as consumption and the health consequences of drug use. Chapter two utilizes the Sustainable Development Goals framework to examine the interplay between the drugs phenomenon and the broader development context.

  • ISBN: 9789211482867
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