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The Official Highway Code
The Official Highway Code"All drivers should have a copy of this book as it lays out very simply exactly what you should and shouldn't do in most situations on the road. So many of us drive, ride or use the roads and we need to understand the ground rules - for less than the price of a pint, you can use it to dazzle your team-mates in pub quizzes, or settle those perennial arguments (what is the speed limit for a van on a dual carriageway anyway?). It's an absolute bargain - so if you find yourself frustrated by modern road designs and signs, or get confused by how to deal with some of the strange new junctions - get a copy."

"I had read this book earlier for my driving theory test and I must say that this is a must have for any driver in the UK. It is a good reference material and you can buy it for a price of a coffee."

"Perhaps the roads would be a more pleasant and safer place if everyone bought this and just took the time to read it. I bought it after driving for 10 years and decided to go for my motorbike licence and had to sit a theory test. I must say that I was surprised by how interesting and useful I found the Highway Code having not read it for a good number of years. I'm thinking of buying several copies and throwing them at people I encounter on my journeys!"

"Just brushing up on new driving regulations after 40 years of driving. Surprising what you don't know!"

"The rules and regulations of the UK roads are diverse and many of them change every couple of years. It is a good idea to have an up-to-date copy of the Highway Code and familiarise yourself with the new rules and changes."

Know Your Traffic Signs

Know Your Traffic Signs"I found this book very useful when studying for my theory test, it is well set-out & I would definitely recommend it!"

"Great if learning to drive and also handy to have around the house if unsure of what a road sign means."

"Know Your Traffic Signs is a concise and informative guide to Britain's traffic signing system. Full colour illustrations of traffic signs, signals, and markings, as well as a historical introduction make this book an essential for anyone interested in traffic signs, or those who need to Know Your Traffic Signs!"

"This book is clear, easy to understand, free of jargon and a good price [...] I'm an experienced driver (10+ years) and bought this to swot up before helping my wife to learn. The fact that it's updated from the version I had when I was learning meant I've learned quite a lot of new stuff too. So perhaps it's a good idea for all drivers (whether they've been doing it for a while or not) to have this book in their collection."

The Official DSA Guide to Hazard Perception

The Official DSA Guide to Hazard Perception "This is probably one of the only DVDs around that lets you know what to really expect in the actual hazard perception test which makes it wonderful for the theory test preparation."

"Very good, clear video and it is amazing how many hazards are present in every day driving!"

"The DVD progressively explains Hazards with a gradual emphasis on differentiating static hazards from developing ones (i.e. ones which absolutely force a driver/rider to change speed or direction). This much is fairly obvious. I think to fully grasp the material, it is worthwhile viewing 3 or 4 times to pick up on the subtleties and in spite of the narrators explaining that there is no benefit in re-sitting the example tests, I think it all reinforces the learning process, so I would disagree [...] I would recommend if you are serious about passing your test that you get your hands on a copy of this DVD. I sat the motorcycle test without any additional lessons since passing my driving test 16 years ago and all I can say is that it worked for me."

For Car Drivers

The Official DSA Theory Test Kit for Car Drivers iPhone app

“Very handy useful app
Although there are cheaper apps, I have found this is the easiest to use and I like the study and practice combination."

"Great all-in-one app
Really good application with all the OFFICIAL resources in one handy place. It even covers hazard perception. Perfect revision material with plenty of questions to maximise chances of passing. all this for £3.99 - bargain!"

This app is really helping, after failing once I now feel prepared for my theory test and I’m getting between 47 and 50 every time whereas before I was falling short by a few. I would highly recommend this to friends."

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers and the Official Highway Code Book

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers and the Official Highway Code Book"More than great
It is really helpful, it has the practice questions and answers, the rules, the high way code, all the signs and what they mean. I used this a lot to revise and passed my theory test first time round!"

"This book is essential for any driver wanting to pass their theory, always best to buy the official DSA books you can't go wrong"

"The best book by far if you need to pass the theory test in 2012
This is an excellent choice for training to pass your theory test. Although the DSA will not be publishing the questions this is an excellent aid and SHOULD be your first choice when purchasing theory material. It also must be used in conjunction with "Know your Traffic Signs Book" and the "DSA Essential Driving Skills Book". This book is good value for money as it includes the Highway code so will save you carrying around a ton of books if you are studying on the train or bus. The new test is being conducted in a manner so that you can not memorise the questions so this book is far superior as it will actually teach you and give you a better understanding of learning to drive and gaining a full licence."

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers and The Official Highway Code CD-ROM

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers and The Official Highway Code CD-ROM"The CD is great, very useful and I will have loads of use out of it."

"This is a fantastic way to prepare for your theory test. It has every question you'll be asked and you can monitor how you're progressing. I passed first time."

"One of the best features is that [this CD-ROM] not only records your answers, it also analyses your performance and identifies topics needing more revision [...]. The voice-over [...] clearly emphasises the key words, which will hopefully help the candidates focus more clearly when it comes to the real test." (adiNEWS, November 2010)

The Official DSA Complete Theory Test Kit 2012 Edition

The Official DSA Complete Theory Test Kit 2012 Edition

Was told to get this by my driving instructor since the DSA are changing the way they do theory tests. This kit is brilliant. You can read the highway code, practice tests and do mocks. The CD is the multiple choice and the DVD is the hazard perception so you can test yourself on the tv with your remote. It's quite fun actually!!! And I hate revising..."

"Great theory test practice
I have been using this disk for just over a week, and after reading through all of the revision sections (which also contain multiple links to different sections of the included highway code), I began utilising the mock test feature of the program and found myself constantly passing."

The Official DSA Complete Learner Driver Pack

The Official DSA Complete Learner Driver Pack"Overall a great three disc set, covers everything you need to know and goes above and beyond other software by giving you additional links, advice to stay calm and revise, detailed analysis of how you cope with the various tests thrown at you and further reinforced by the knowledge that
it was produced officially by the people who wrote the tests. Alongside
loads of extras like constant updates, the Highway Code, FAQ's and case study questions and THE ONLY software to give you full official explanations and guidance - its well worth the extra few bucks!"

"I gave this as a gift to someone who doesn't have English as a first language and they have found it very clear and easy to understand. Lots of information but in easy to digest chunks."

The Official DSA Guide to Driving - the essential skills

"My driving instructor recommended that I bought this book, he said that it was one of, if not the best book for advice and information about driving. Although it is called 'The Essential Skills' it provides more than the essentials and helps you learn the rules of the road, how you should approach driving and also tips to prevent incidents. It helped me to visualise what I should do, how, where and when I should do them without being in an actual car. 100% recommended to all learner drivers and even mature drivers." The Official DSA Guide to Driving - the essential skills

"I bought this book for my son who is in the middle of his exams to become a driving instructor. I would recommend this book to anyone who drives - a lot of useful information."

"What more is there to be said or even written? Everything you need to know about driving and being on the road legally, safely and also economically."

"Great product for any driver at any level, if you want to teach your son or daughter to drive this is a great guideline. There is all manor of information inside this book, great gift even to give to someone who has just passed their test as well."

"This book was so helpful and helped me to pass my theory test first time. I'm a novice at driving but this book spelled everything out clearly and simply and incorporated both simple driving rules and more advanced manoeuvres. Fab product - highly recommend it!"

Prepare for your Practical Driving Test - the official DSA Guide

Prepare for your Practical Driving Test - the official DSA Guide

"This one was good for the basics and provides a good update to the new test, as well as good Quiz questions at the end of each section."

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive"This book was very good and informative, don't think I would have passed my ADI theory test without it!"

Roadcraft - The Police Driver's Handbook

"The techniques described are well supported by explanations of WHY each is a better way; and the sections on reading the road will help any driver react more quickly and more appropriately. I have bought this new copy for my daughter who is starting to learn to drive and I'm confident it will make her safer on the road, both to others and herself."

Roadcraft - The Police Driver's Handbook

"I bought it, read it then tried it. I had wondered whether it might be full of impractical theory. It is not. Everything in it makes sense and works. It shows how to a good and safe driver on roads that are full of traffic going in different directions and have speed limits."

"No matter how good a driver you think you are, this book will teach you to be a safer, and therefore better, driver in all sorts of situations on the road. Buy it!"

"If more people followed the practices outlined in the book there would be considerable savings in lives, injuries and vehicle and property damage"

"This book is essential reading for any driver. Even if you're not a great reader, it's easy to follow, very well written, incredibly informative and has lots of diagrams to help explain most of the driving advice and hints. It's an excellent book if you want to improve your driving and generally become a safer and more skillful driver."

"I can't big this book up enough. It is worth 10 times the price if you are serious about being a better road user."

Roadcraft - The Police Drivers' Course on Advanced Driving DVD

Roadcraft - The Police Drivers' Course on Advanced Driving DVD"This video is excellent for refreshing on points from the Roadcraft manual. Ideally the two go hand in hand in terms of understanding and the DVD does help to visualise many concepts well."

"For anybody serious about becoming a better driver, I can certainly recommend this DVD. It is the perfect companion for the book "Roadcraft" and together (with practice)they are the most sure way of becoming a better driver."

"I bought this DVD and watched it several times before going on my police standard response course. I found that it gave me a good head start on the course. Although the footage is about 10 years old, it is still up-to-date on the police system of driving."

"An excellent companion to the book, this DVD really helps with the preparation for the Institute of Advanced Motorists driving test. Very informative."

"I would recommend it to anyone thinking of doing the IAM or Rospa tests, to any potential ADI's or, indeed, to anyone who has an interest in better/safer driving. What a pleasure to watch real experts at work!!"

For Motorcyclists

The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists BookThe Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists Book
"A great way to revise for the test. Great layout and well worth the money. It gets you used to the format of the way the DSA does things."

"Overall fantastic product and a trustworthy company to buy it from, if
you want to pass your motorcycle theory test like me then buy this product."

The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists CD-ROM

The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists CD-ROM

"Easy to use. After the practice exams you get a chance to review your answers for any wrong ones and there is a helpful 'Explain' button to point you in the right direction. So just how good is it?... I took my theory test yesterday and got 50/50!"

The Official DSA Biker Pack

The Official DSA Biker Pack

"I bought this item prior to taking my theory test to help me progress through my training and on to my bike test. I have since passed my
theory test and module one test; module 2 to be taken on Wednesday 24th November. I have found the pack to be very informative. My plan
was to use it to pass the test then pass it on to help others do the same, but because it holds so much information on bike riding technique I have decided to keep it as a reference guide for the future. Brilliant product and worth every penny of the purchase price."

The Official DSA Guide to Riding - the essential skills

The Official DSA Guide to Riding - the essential skills

"Essential reading for any new rider. Information presented clearly and precisely."

"Want to pass your bike test? Then this is a must. This book is not your instructor, but it will give you a good insight as to what is expected of you."

Better Biking - the Official DSA Training Aid DVD

etter Biking - the Official DSA Training Aid DVD "Very good DVD. Very useful tips on safer riding in different conditions. This will improve your riding, just practice bit by bit and as soon as you have acquired this skill as second nature, practice the next bit."

"This is an excellent DVD for the beginner and has some useful pieces for the experienced (or returning biker like me) as well."

"Excellent product. Very informative. Best watched a few times over to benefit fully from the many lessons and advice."

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Ride

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Ride

"Easy to understand and gives all the information required to pass the DSA Motorcycle Test. Doesn't tell you how to ride or operate the controls but gives the right information about what examiners are looking for. Try taking the test without this at your cost. When you pass, move on and go for the Institute of Advanced Motorcycle membership and test."

"I bought 'Learning to Ride' to assist in passing my full bike test. Certainly a lot of data, most of which is very beneficial. In conjunction with other DSA devices, I now have my full bike licence."

Motorcycle Roadcraft - The Police Rider's Handbook to Better Motorcycling

Motorcycle Roadcraft - The Police Rider's Handbook to Better Motorcycling"A must to all experienced riders, especially those returning to biking. It makes you realise how little you know about biking safety… I'm 100% certain that this book will save many accidents even from the most experienced riders-if it's no use to you, give it to a biker mate and save them from an accident."

"A brilliant book for any motorcyclist, highly recommended. Each chapter deals with different aspects of safe riding, from attitudes and observation to machine control the book suggests exercises which allow you to develop your skills and make you a safer rider. I was expecting a book where every other word was a warning about speeding but that wasn't the case; many of the suggestions facilitate safe riding at a faster pace. I would recommend every motorcyclist owns and reads this book."

"This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their riding, not just those looking to take the advanced test. In depth analysis of common riding faults and how to go about putting them right. Every motorcyclist should at least read it, if not own it."

"I've been around and riding bikes since I was 17 some 51 years ago and this book proved to me that there were still things to learn about riding bikes safely and reasons for the way bikes behave whilst on the move. The book is well written and the diagrams are great. A definite best buy."

"This book is so well written and so important to serious bikers who want to improve their riding abilities. I thought I knew all there was to know about biking how wrong I was. Read this book slowly and digest the contents it will give you a lot more pleasure with your riding."

"When you find yourself anticipating (and thereby avoiding) accidents in plenty of time, you know you've picked up some good habits from somewhere. This book will change the way you ride for the better."

For Drivers of Large Vehicles

The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles
The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles"I bought this when I was studying for my PCV theory test. It's full of multiple choice questions of the type you'll meet in the timed exam and provides useful practice before the real thing. I was taking the PCV test but this book also has sections exclusively marked for the LGV and HGV test. I don't think you can fail if you work your way through it methodically."

"This book is an essential study aid for anyone facing the DSA theory test for LGV or PCV licences. Over the past six years I have taken the DSA theory test four times. Once for the LGV, once for the PCV and twice for driving agencies. This book was the only study aid I used and I got 100% every time."

"I used this book for 2 weeks and I passed my theory test without any mistake. 100% right."

The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles CD-ROM

The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles CD-ROM

"I think this CD-ROM is brilliant. It beats flicking though a book to read random questions. Also it has the added bonus, you can take a mock test any time you want and it also has a digital version of The Highway Code included on the disc if you need to look any thing up. The best thing about this CD: it analyses your test performance to identify which topics need more revision, with easy to understand charts it shows you what areas you have to work on. You can also customise the test, so you can practice specific topics more thoroughly. If you have dyslexia like me and can't read very well there is a voice-over option to help. Worth every penny!"

Driver CPC - the Official DSA Guide for Professional Goods Vehicle Drivers

Driver CPC - the Official DSA Guide for Professional Goods Vehicle Drivers"Lots of info in this book to keep you up to date with VOSA rules."

Driver CPC - the Official DSA Guide for Professional Bus and Coach Drivers

Driver CPC - the Official DSA Guide for Professional Bus and Coach Drivers"I bought this book for the simple reason of a career change from LGV driver to PCV driver. The book helped me pass my CPC test and gives a basic insight to what to look for when you go for your test, and was a great learning guide along with the Official DSA Theory Test for LGV/PCV Vehicles. I would recommend this book as a learning aid along with the Official Theory book."

The Official DSA Guide to Driving Goods Vehicles

The Official DSA Guide to Driving Goods Vehicles"I bought this book to help my husband to pass his bus driving theory test. He passed his theory test last week - thank you!"

The Official DSA Guide to Driving Buses and Coaches

The Official DSA Guide to Driving Buses and Coaches"I purchased this book to study for my bus CPC exam and found it very helpful, packed with loads of information, which helped me pass my exam."