Biometrics Standards & Publications


BSI offers biometric standards for identity management that are essential for those concerned with government contracts and procurement and the enhancement of their IT security through the identification of personnel and/or physical access control.

A Biometric System is a system for the automated recognition of individuals based on their behavioural and biological characteristics.

Standards development is being undertaken in a number of groupings. Each of these groupings includes a series of standards, where some parts in the series are already completed or soon to be published, and others are still 'work in progress'.

Interfaces: Standardization of interfaces and interactions between biometric components and sub-systems, including security mechanisms, e.g.

Data Formats: Standardization of the content, meaning and representation of biometric interchange formats, e.g.

Profiles: Standardization of biometric base standards to application profiles, e.g.

Testing: Standardization of biometric performance metric definitions and calculations; approaches to test performance and requirements for reporting, e.g.

Societal: Study and standardization of technical solutions to societal aspects of biometric implementation, e.g.

Vocabulary: Standardization of vocabulary used for biometrics, e.g.

Key Biometrics Standards

Information Technology. Conformance Testing Methodology For Biometric Data Interchange Formats Defined In ISO/IEC 19794

BS ISO/IEC 29109-2:2010 jacket image BS ISO/IEC 29109-2:2010

BS ISO/IEC 29109-2 is the standard that specifies elements of conformance testing methodology, test assertions, and test procedures as applicable to the biometric data interchange format standard relating to finger minutiae data.

BS ISO/IEC 29109-2:2010

Information Technology. Biometric Application Programming Interface. BioAPI Specification

BS ISO/IEC 19784-1:2006+A3:2010 jacket image BS ISO/IEC 19784-1:2006+A3:2010

This part of ISO/IEC 19784 defines the Application Programming Interface (API) and Service Provider Interface (SPI) for standard interfaces within a biometric system that support the provision of that biometric system using components from multiple vendors.

BS ISO/IEC 19784-1:2006+A3:2010

Information Technology. Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework. Procedures For The Operation Of The Biometric Registration Authority

BS ISO/IEC 19785-2:2006+A1:2010 jacket image BS ISO/IEC 19785-2:2006+A1:2010

BS ISO/IEC 19785-2 is the standard that specifies the requirements for the operation of the Biometric Registration Authority within the Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework (CBEFF).

BS ISO/IEC 19785-2:2006+A1:2010

Information Technology. Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework. Patron Format Specifications

BS ISO/IEC 19785-3:2007+A1:2010 jacket image BS ISO/IEC 19785-3:2007+A1:2010

BS ISO/IEC 19785-3 is the standard that specifies several patron formats that conform to the requirements of BS ISO/IEC 19785-1. It defines a basic structure for standardized biometric information records (BIRs) that consists of three parts, the standard biometric header (SBH), the biometric data block (BDB), and the security block (SB).

BS ISO/IEC 19785-3:2007+A1:2010

Information Technology. Biometric Calibration, Augmentation And Fusion Data. Fusion Information Format

BS ISO/IEC 29159-1:2010 jacket image BS ISO/IEC 29159-1:2010

BS ISO/IEC 29159-1 is the standard that specifies a biometric fusion information format that establishes machine readable data formats to describe the statistics of comparison score inputs to a fusion process.

BS ISO/IEC 29159-1:2010

Information Technology - Biometric Sample Quality - Part 5: Face Image Data

PD ISO/IEC TR 29794-5:2010 jacket image PD ISO/IEC TR 29794-5:2010

The purpose of this part of ISO/IEC 29794 is to define and specify methodologies for computation of objective, quantitative quality scores for facial images. Furthermore, the purpose, intent, and interpretation of face quality scores are defined.

PD ISO/IEC TR 29794-5:2010

Information Technology. Biometric Performance Testing And Reporting. Testing Methodologies For Technology And Scenario Evaluation

BS ISO/IEC 19795-2:2006 jacket image BS ISO/IEC 19795-2:2006

BS ISO/IEC 19795-2:2006 provides requirements and recommendations on data collection, analysis and reporting specific to two primary types of evaluation: technology evaluation and scenario evaluation.

BS ISO/IEC 19795-2:2006

Information Technology - Biometrics - Jurisdictional And Societal Considerations For Commercial Applications - Part 1: General Guidance

PD ISO/IEC TR 24714-1:2008 jacket image PD ISO/IEC TR 24714-1:2008

PD ISO/IEC TR 24714-1 is a Technical Report (TR) that offers guidance on the design of systems that use biometric technologies to capture, process and record biometric information.

PD ISO/IEC TR 24714-1:2008

Information Technology- Biometrics - Tenprint Capture Using Biometric Application Programming Interface (BioAPI)

BS ISO/IEC 29141:2009 jacket image BS ISO/IEC 29141:2009

BS ISO/IEC 29141 is the standard that specifies how a BioAPI application can interact with a BioAPI framework to support a tenprint capture (capture of the fingerprints of all ten fingers).

BS ISO/IEC 29141:2009