Concepts of Rehabilitation for the Management of Common Health Problems

Gordon Waddell, A. Kim Burton
TSO (The Stationery Office)
Concepts of Rehabilitation for the Management of Common Health Problems - Front
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There is now broad agreement on the importance of rehabilitation and the need for better occupational health and vocational rehabilitation services in the UK. The responses to the 2002 Green Paper 'Pathways to Work: Helping People into Employment (Cm. 5690)' (ISBN 9780101569026), were generally supportive across the political spectrum.

The key features of early intervention, easier access to more skilled support to seek and move into work, the development of new work-focused rehabilitation programmes, and engagement of key stakeholders - particularly employers and family doctors - were welcomed by a wide range of organisations. However, there is considerable uncertainty about what 'rehabilitation' is, and about its (cost)-effectiveness, particularly for the common health problems that cause most sickness absence and long-term incapacity.

Key Features:

  • Aims to develop a theoretical and conceptual basis for rehabilitation of common health problems, with the goals of job retention, return to work and reintegration

  • To consider the implications for:

    • healthcare and clinical management

    • employers, trade unions and insurers and occupational health

    • rehabilitation policy.

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Format Paperback Published 15 Jun 2004
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