The London GazetteThe London, Edinburgh, and Belfast Gazettes are the official newspapers of record in the United Kingdom. Several legal notices, including insolvency notices, are required by law to be published in the Gazettes.

The London Gazette

Published daily (Monday to Friday) The London Gazette contains a wide range of official notices including State, Parliamentary and Ecclesiastical, Transport and Planning as well as Corporate and Personal Insolvency to name a few. In addition, a number of supplements are published covering Honours and Awards (New Year and Queen's Birthday Honours, military and civilian awards and certain Royal proclamations), Premium Bonds, Armed Forces Promotions and Re-gradings, Companies' Information and a Quarterly Index.

Many readers find The London Gazette is crucial to their business needs. In many cases Gazette notices are statutory in nature and are used in legal proceedings. Faxed notice placement has become part of the standard practice and electronic notice placement has started. With the development of The London Gazette website and its premium services, the historic journal has entered the digital age and is primed for further success in the next century.

The Electronic Gazette

Along with the paper subscription, the London Gazette is now also available electronically. Choose to receive the Gazette in PDF format each day or have a bespoke data feed tailored to meet your specific needs. To discuss the receipt of the Gazette electronically please call Nick Harris on 020 7873 8378.

The Edinburgh Gazette

The Edinburgh Gazette was founded in 1699 with its purpose being to serve Scotland as a legal notice board. The earliest copy held dates back to 1702 and is located at the National Library of Scotland. The Gazette has seen many changes since it's launch in the 17th century and now publishes, twice-weekly, a wide range of notices including corporate and personal insolvency, planning and transport, environmental and health as well as many others.

The Belfast Gazette

The Belfast Gazette was first published in July 1921 with the partition of Ireland and the creation of the Government of Northern Ireland. Prior to this there was the Dublin Gazette. All notices of Statutory Rules of Northern Ireland appear in the Gazette on a weekly basis.

To order individual copies of the Gazette please use the Gazette issue search facility.