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Risk and risk management can sometimes be misunderstood. There is a view that the prudent approach is to avoid risk by simply maintaining the status quo. Linked to this is the idea that audit is a barrier to risk taking and innovation. Also spending time developing risk management strategies can sometimes be perceived as mere pointless bureaucracy.

Failure to take opportunities can be a huge risk in itself. By not looking at new ways of doing things organisations can miss out on real opportunities to manage better their business, improve service delivery and achieve value for money.

Following the Turnbull report organisations are now busy working on risk management frameworks and internal control statements to embed risk management in their management processes.

Management of Risk draws on experience from a variety of experts from the public and private sectors. It sets out a framework for taking informed decisions about risk at a project, programme and strategic level to ensure that key risks are identified, assessed and that action is taken to address them.

If you plan to use the CD-ROM version of Management of Risk on more than one workstation, your organisation is legally obliged to purchase a network licence. Besides this legal requirement, there are benefits to be gained by networking Management of Risk across your organisation.

Benefits of the Networked Management of Risk:

  • Maximum access to the publication through any workstation within your organisation, and represents a considerable saving on duplicated copies
  • The full text can be downloaded onto your intranet, giving access and search capability throughout your organisation
  • All amendments and revisions issued throughout the year are available company wide simultaneously to avoid working at cross-purposes.
  • Network licence holders benefit from dedicated management resource at TSO.

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