The Official Highway Code eBook

Author: Department for Transport (DfT)/Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

Highway Code eBook

All the latest rules of the road and traffic signs for England, Scotland and Wales, on your favourite eReader for the first time. Not just for learners: make sure YOUR knowledge is up-to-date.

5 reasons to download it:

  • Keeping you safe - make sure you know the rules of the road and traffic signs to help keep yourself and others safe

  • It's the law - many of the rules MUST be adhered to in order to avoid fines, penalty points, disqualification and even prison

  • For learners - the source for many theory test questions; an essential resource for test preparation

  • For everyone - whether you drive a car, lorry, bus or tractor, ride a motorbike, bicycle or horse, or are a pedestrian, this advice is for ALL road users

  • Stay up-to-date - guidance changes over time, it's your responsibility to refresh your knowledge NOW.

The Official Highway Code - for life, not just for learners.

Industry reviews:

"No serious driver should be without a copy (of The Official Highway Code) in their glovebox." (Driving Magazine, February 2008)

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