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Independent Review of Key Stage 2 Testing, Assessment and Accountability

Final Report

Lord Bew
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Independent Review of Key Stage 2 Testing, Assessment and Accountability' is the final report of the review led by Lord Bew into Key Stage 2 testing that finds there must be external school-level accountability in the system but that more trust should be placed in teachers, with a greater weight given to their assessment of pupils.

A wider range of data - including new progress and attainment measures, and rolling averages - should be taken into account to give a less arbitrary and fairer picture of a school's performance.

Recommendations include:

  • The current writing test should be replaced by teacher assessment of writing composition.

  • Maths should continue to be externally tested.

  • Reading tests should continue but should be refined over time.

  • Science should continue to be teacher assessed with a sample test to monitor national standards.

  • Speaking and listening should continue to be teacher assessed.

  • Three-year rolling averages should be introduced to give a rounded picture of a school's performance.

  • There should be a greater emphasis on the progress of pupils.

  • New progress and attainment measures should be introduced for pupils who have completed all of Years 5 and 6 in a school.

  • Teacher assessment judgements should continue in English, maths and science, and should be submitted before test results are announced.

  • There should be more detailed reporting to secondary schools so Year 7 teachers know right from the outset a pupil's attainment and the areas where extra work is needed.

  • Pupils who are ill on the day of a test should have a week to sit it, rather than two days.

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