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The London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes are the United Kingdom's official Newspapers of Record. Each edition of the Gazette includes notices that must be made public as a statutory requirement before certain legal powers and procedures can be exercised or finalised.

The Gazettes are now initially published online at, which includes a searchable database of all notices placed in the Gazettes since 1665. The archive is of great interest to historians, professional and amateur. Highlights include the Great Fire of London, the battles of Waterloo and Trafalgar, the first Victoria Cross, and World Wars I and II.

Printed and PDF copies of the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes are also available for subscription.

Print subscriptions

London Gazette Cover London Gazette
Published daily (Monday to Friday) by The Stationery Office, The London Gazette contains notices which must be made public because of a statutory requirement to do so before certain legal powers can be exercised or legal procedures finalised. ...more
Annual subscription: 428.00 TSO Subscription No: 7003011
Edinburgh Gazette Cover Edinburgh Gazette
Published twice weekly by The Stationery Office, The Edinburgh Gazette is a similar publication to both the London and Belfast Gazettes, covering notices of a legal and public nature. Information is given on notices of bankruptcies, appointment of liquidators or meetings of creditors. ...more
Annual subscription: 100.50 TSO Subscription No: 7002050
Belfast Gazette cover Belfast Gazette
Published weekly by The Stationery Office, The Belfast Gazette is a similar publication to the London and Edinburgh Gazettes. It contains notices that by law must be made public and also includes notices on bankruptcies and appointment of liquidators....more
Annual subscription: 75.50 TSO Subscription No: 7002060

British Honours System

Managed by The Cabinet Office, the British Honours system has evolved over 650 years as the country has found alternative means of recognising merit, gallantry and service.

Honours lists are published twice yearly: at New Year and on the date of The Queen's official birthday in June. Anyone can nominate someone for an award. Anyone can receive an award if they reach the required standard of merit or service.

Queen's Awards Supplements

The London Gazette Birthday Honours List 2016 - United Kingdom: Supplement No. 1

The Queen's Birthday Honours List awards honours at the celebration of Her Majesty's birthday. The Honours List 2016 pays tribute to those who have made remarkable achievements and served their communities exceptionally. ...more

The London Gazette: Supplement, New Year Honours List 2016

The main United Kingdom, or Prime Minister's list, details the people from all walks of life awarded honours for the New Year 2016. Separate lists are also published for honours awarded in a number of dependencies and overseas territories. In total 1,196 people have received an award....more