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Work of the Committee in Session 2010-12

HC 1926, Second Special Report of Session 2010-12

House of Commons - Backbench Business Committee
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Work of the Committee in Session 2010-12 (HC 1926)' outlines the experiences of the Committee and sets out options for its future operation. Since the Committee was set-up in June 2010, backbench MPs have had the opportunity for the very first time to bring forward debates of their choice.

The report reflects on the challenges the Committee has faced:

  • the shortage of back-bench time available;

  • the demands generated by e-petitions; and

  • the difficulty in scheduling debates in advance.

It describes how the Committee was established, the approach to selecting business that has been adopted over the Session, and some of the complexities which have arisen in its work.

One of the proposals for consideration includes how the Committee can work more effectively with the Government to plan ahead for backbench days and to fit them into the parliamentary calendar in advance or whether a fixed day of the week should be set aside to provide predictable allocations of days.

Further to this, the Report considers whether more flexible use could be made of time on the floor of the House by scheduling backbench business on days when Government business may not take up the whole day.

The Report also focuses on whether more creative use could be made of sittings in Westminster Hall and what efforts could be made to reinforce its status as an equal debating chamber.

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