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The Astronomical Almanac 2005

Nautical Almanac Office, United States Naval Observatory, HM Nautical Almanac Office, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
TSO (The Stationery Office)
The Astronomical Almanac 2005 - Front
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The Astronomical Almanac contains a wide variety of both technical and general astronomical information. The book is a worldwide resource for fundamental astronomical data for use in the making and reduction of observations and for general purposes.

This volume provides current and accurate data on the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets, together with data for physical observations, positions of planetary satellites, eclipses of the Sun and Moon and other fundamental astronomical reference data for the calendar year 2004.

Key Features:

  • Prepared jointly by HM Nautical Almanac Office, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Nautical Almanac Office and United States Naval Observatory

  • Contains a list of changes in the 2005 edition and changes to recent editions

  • Previous edition ISBN 0118873237

Extent N/A ISBN 9780118873284
Size 155 x 252mm Price £35.00
Format N/A Published 20 Jan 2004
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