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Fairer Care Funding: the Report of the Commission on Funding of Care and Support

July 2011

Commission on Funding of Care and Support - Andrew Dilnot
TSO (The Stationery Office)

The independent Commission on Funding of Care and Support, set up by the Government last July, was asked to recommend a fair and sustainable funding system for adult social care in England. This report, 'Fairer Care Funding: the Report of the Commission on Funding of Care and Support' is the presentation of their findings.

Recommendations put forward include:

  • Individuals' lifetime contributions towards their social care costs - which are currently potentially unlimited - should be capped. After the cap is reached, individuals would be eligible for full state support. This cap should be between 25,000 and 50,000. The Commission considers that 35,000 is the most appropriate and fair figure.

  • The means-tested threshold, above which people are liable for their full care costs, should be increased from 23,250 to 100,000.

  • National eligibility criteria and portable assessments should be introduced to ensure greater consistency.

  • All those who enter adulthood with a care and support need should be eligible for free State support immediately rather than being subjected to a means test.

The Commission estimates that its proposals - based on a cap of 35,000 - would cost the State around 1.7billion.

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