Government Formation Post-Election

HC 1023, Tenth Report of Session 2014-15 - Report, Together with Formal Minutes Relating to the Report

House of Commons - Political and Constitutional Reform Committee
TSO (The Stationery Office)

Opinion polling has consistently indicated the likelihood of an election result with no overall majority, this means it is likely there will be a negotiation period for the formation of a potential coalition Government, or a Government supported on a confidence and supply arrangement; 'Government Formation Post-Election (HC 1023)' explores the provision of public guidance needed on what to expect in the Government formation process in a Parliament with no overall majority.

The key issues are that:

  • the negotiation period in 2015 is likely to be longer than in 2010;

  • a Prime Minister who is unlikely to be able to form a new administration is nevertheless likely to remain in office until it is clear that another administration can form a Government which can command the confidence of the House of Commons;

    if there is no parliamentary majority to support the current administration it will nevertheless continue in office on a caretaker basis until a new government is formed.

The Committee believes it is wrong that Parliament may not have its first meeting after the election until after a new administration has been appointed. They consider that it is wrong in principle that the decision on the date of Parliament's return should be in the hands of the Prime Minister, and recommend that the date of Parliament's first meeting after a General Election should be put on a statutory basis.

Parliament should return as soon as possible, and in any case the Prime Minister should set the date for Parliament's return following the General Election for Monday 11 May 2015.

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