Reporting to Court Under the Children Act

A Handbook for Practitioners

Penny Cooper
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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The Children Act 1989 introduced a new approach to presenting and communicating information in court proceedings. Giving evidence or writing a report for court is a specialist skill that cannot be acquired through general social work experience. 'Reporting to Court Under the Children Act: A Handbook for Practitioners', contains step-by-step advice, examples and checklists designed to help those preparing local authority statements and reports under the Act.

Covered in detail are: preparation, time-tabling and liaison with others in the court process; the requirements of specific public and private law applications; the content of local authority statements and reports; contact and care plans; and giving evidence at court.

Key features:

  • Helps structure the task of drafting and reports for the court by offering step-by-step advice, examples and checklists.

  • Includes summaries of Children Act sections in the text.

Extent 128 pages ISBN 9780112711896
Size 190 x 247mm Price £30.00
Format Paperback Published 23 Aug 2006
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