Constitutional implications of the Government's draft Scotland clauses: ninth report of session 2014-15 report, together with formal minutes relating to the report

House of Commons papers 1022 2014-15

Corporate Author:
Great Britain Parliament House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee
Graham Allen (chair)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

During the Scottish independence referendum campaign, political commitments were made which led, after the "No" vote, to the convening of the Smith Commission, the purpose of which was to facilitate an agreement for further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament. Draft clauses were published by the Government in response to the Smith Commission's report. The Committee have reviewed those draft clauses which concern political and constitutional reform (draft clauses 1 to 9). While the Committee acknowledges the political reasons for swift publication of the clauses, they express concern that this seems to have been at the expense of broader consideration of the consequences for the future of the UK. The Committee are disappointed there has been no attempt to provide for full pre-legislative scrutiny of the clauses by this Parliament. The Committee call upon the incoming administration to recognise, and consult upon, the consequences for all parts of the UK when introducing legislation to implement the Smith Commission Agreement and other proposals on constitutional reform affecting the Union. The Committee further recommends that the Government establish a mechanism for considering the effects of proposed devolution settlements in the round, together with the trends towards decentralisation in England, to ensure that change strengthens the Union.

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