Communications The Next Decade

A Collection of Essays Prepared for the UK Office of Communications

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Recent technological developments in the ICT industry have led to the digital convergence of communication networks, media content and devices. Traditionally separate markets, such as telephony, the internet and television, are changing fast and converging, while market players have to quickly adjust to this new reality. This publication, 'Communications The Next Decade', prepared for the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom), contains a collection of essays by respected authors in the field (including academics, policy makers and communication professionals) which explore issues arising from these changes in relation to public policy, regulatory frameworks, market competition and innovation.

The essays are divided into five sections relating to: trends and challenges; the changing nature of regulation in the public interest; economic regulation beyond 2010; spectrum management issues; and global areas of focus, including EU policy and regulation, regulatory reform in the Asia-Pacific region using the convergence continuum model; and possibilities for deregulation using Hong Kong as a case study. Despite differences in national market circumstances, four broad themes emerge from this analysis as common challenges for policymakers and regulators: the promotion of sustainable competition; access to services; allocation of spectrum resources; and content issues.

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