Family support in cases of emotional maltreatment and neglect

Studies in evaluating the Children Act 1989 Department of Health

Corporate Author:
Great Britain Department of Health
Thoburn June Wilding Jennifer Watson Jackie
TSO (The Stationery Office)

This study focuses on children under eight years and their families in three local authorities. It compares the social services supplied to those families requesting help with those provided to children referred because of concerns about emotional maltreatment or neglect. The study will be of interest to professionals who seek to provide supportive and protective services to young families in stressful circumstances, and to those training to work in the caring professions, as well as policy-makers, service planners and managers choosing the most effective way to use scarce resources. One of a programme of research studies commissioned by the Department of Health to explore early evaluation of the Children Act 1989 in depth.

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