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Thursday 21 September 2017


Soil organic carbon: the hidden potential.

Corporate Author:
Food and Agriculture Organization

The publication was launched at the Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon (GSOC) held at FAO headquarters (Rome, 21-23 March 2017). It provides an overview to decision-makers and practitioners of the main scientific facts and information regarding the current knowledge and knowledge gaps on Soil Organic Carbon. It highlights how better information and good practices may be implemented to support ending hunger, adapting to and mitigating climate change and achieving overall sustainable development.

  • ISBN: 9789251096819
  • £20.95


From Great Depression to Great Recession: the elusive quest for international policy cooperation.

Corporate Author:
International Monetary Fund
Atish R Ghosh (editor), Mahvash S. Qureshi (editor)

The global financial crisis and the ensuing Great Recession raised concerns about adjustment fatigue, deflation, currency wars, and secular stagnation that presented a sense of déjà vu: similar concerns had arisen at the time of the Great Depression and at the end of World War II. As with earlier crises, these concerns prompted calls for greater international policy cooperation-both to achieve a sustainable recovery from the crisis and to prevent future crises. This volume compiles papers from a 2015 symposium of eminent scholars convened by the IMF to discuss how history can inform current debates about the functioning and challenges of the international monetary system. An introductory chapter sets the stage for the other chapters in the volume by giving a broad overview of the performance of the international monetary system over the past century, highlighting the key events and challenges that shaped it. Subsequent sections look at historical antecedents of today's challenges, describe how the modern international monetary system has been-and continues to be-shaped through international financial diplomacy, provide a present-day perspective, and examine the analytics of international policy coordination.

  • ISBN: 9781513514277
  • £21.95


Manual on development and use of FAO and WHO specifications for pesticides: pesticide specifications. 1st ed., 3rd rev..

FAO plant production and protection paper 228.
Corporate Author:
Food and Agriculture Organisation. FAO/WHO Joint Meeting on Pesticide Specifications

The FAO/WHO Manual on development and use of FAO and WHO specifications for pesticides contains general principles and methodologies of the work undertaken by JMPS, is the continuous evaluation of new scientific developments and guidance documents. The Manual gives the historical background of the operation of the JMPS and describes the purpose of the work. The Manual is also used by countries as a guidance document in setting pesticide specifications. This 3rd revision of the Manual contains new methodologies/principles developed in recent 5 years and incorporates the current working principles applied by the JMPS.

  • ISBN: 9789251092651
  • £63.95


Plates, pyramids, planet : developments in national healthy and sustainable dietary guidelines: a state of play assessment.

Corporate Author:
Food and Agriculture Organization
C. Fischer Gonzalez, T. Garnett

Our food system and consumption practices have, since prehistoric times, shaped and transformed our world and our societies. There have been enormous advances - in agricultural practice and in systems of storage, distribution and retailing - that have enabled population growth and improved diets for many. But these developments have also carried severe costs. While the tools and actions needed to achieve the necessary changes in diets are many, this report specifically considers the role of national level dietary guidelines in providing a steer on what dietary patterns that are both healthy and sustainable look like.

  • ISBN: 9789251092224
  • £37.95