International Annual Subscriptions

Bulletin of the European Union

Frequency: 11 per year + first supplements
An indispensible reference guide on all EC activities, divided into chapters allowing quick access to each policy area. All summaries on events are preceded by exact references to the legal basis and any earlier texts. With a supplement that features official texts adopted by the Commission. Online access free.

Also available:
Bulletin of the European Union + General Report of the European Union
Print & CD
Frequency: 11 per year + first supplement + CD
This subscription includes the paper editions of the EU General Report and the Bulletin of the EU and the CD which incorporates both these.

Bulletin of the European Union + General Report of the European Union
Print & CD
Frequency 11 per year + first supplement + CD
This subscription includes the paper edition of the Bulletin of the EU and the CD of the Bulletin and the General Report of the EU together.

General Report of the European Union + Bulletin of the European Union
Print & CD
Frequency: 2 per year
This subscription includes the paper edition of the General Report and a CD of the General Report and Bulletin of the EU together.

European Social Statistics

Frequency: 6 p.a.
This publication supplies detailed statistical data which provide an overview of the social situation in Europe. These data come from numerous statistical sources, such as household surveys, enterprise surveys, household panels and administrative business records. The areas covered include population, employment, labour costs, education, vocational training, health, accidents at work, social exclusion and social protection. Each of the four editions of this publication will focus on one or several of the above-mentioned themes.

Gazette Combined Subscription

Frequency: 21 per year
The Official Gazettes of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities all available in one subscription.

Cepal Review

Frequency: 3 per year
Cepal is the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. It contains studies and essays focusing on regional economic trends, industrialisation, income distribution, technological dvelopment, development implications and implementation of economic reform and transfer of technology. Also available in Spanish.

Cepal Review

  • Sub. No.: 7401012
  • Price: £71.00

Creditor Reporting System Gazette: Quarterly report on individual aid committees

Frequency: Quarterly
This report provides the most up-to-date detailed information on intended disbursements of aid by member countries of the OECD Development Assistance Committee. The information is designed for use by development agencies involved in country and sector programming and analysis.

Creditor Reporting System Gazette: Individual Financial Transactions

Frequency: Irregular
Contains individual Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitments from each Development Assistance Committee (DAC) member country to each recipient country by year. Commitments include grants and loans, and information is provided on source, recipient amount, interest rates, etc. Data goes back to 1973, and approximately 6,000 commitments are reported each year. (Also availabel in printed format).

Development Outreach

Frequency: Quarterly
A quarterly magazine by the World Bank institute that reflects the learning programmes of the World Bank and presents a range of viewpoints by renowned authors and specialists worldwide. Designed to be a middle ground between the scholarly journal and the general interst magazine.

OECD/DAC Journal

Print, Internet access
Frequency: Quarterly
This new journal brings together the DAC's annual overview of development co-operation efforts and policies and detailed country reviews previously published in the Development Co-operation Review Series. There will be four issues a year. The first will be the Development Co-operation Report; the remaining three issues will gather together in-depth country reviews of each DAC member's development co-operation in policies and programmes.

OECD/DAC Journal, Internet access

  • Sub. No.: 7801639
  • Price: £92.00
    (£110.40 inc. VAT)

UN Chronicle

Frequency: Quarterly
Reports, views, news on United Nations activity. the sessions of the Security Council an General Assembly are fully covered, but the publication is not an official record. Published in various languages.

UN Chronicle

  • Sub. No.: 7401006
  • Price: £34.00

UN Treaty Series Collection

Internet access
Frequency: weekly
Access over 34,000 treaties deposited with the United Nations Secretary-General as well as the Status of Multilateral Treaties and Recently Deposited Multilateral Treaties. The UNTS includes the texts of treaties in their authentic language(s), along with translations into English and French, as appropriate. The collection currently contains over 40,000 treaties and a similar number of related subsequent actions which have been published in hard copy in over 1,900 volumes. The treaty reference information made available for the UNTS at this site corresponds to treaties and subsequent actions registered up to April 1998. The complete text of treaties corresponds to treaties and subsequent actions registered approximately up to February 1998. Currently, the UNTS is being expanded at the rate of over 100 new volumes per year.

UN Treaty Series Collection, academic rate

  • Sub. No.: 7401048
  • Price: £357.00
    (£428.40 inc. VAT)

UN Treaty Series Collection, business rate

  • Sub. No.: 7401047
  • Price: £745.00
    (£894.00 inc. VAT)

UN Official Document Search

Internet access
Frequency: weekly
The United Nations ODS is a storage and retrieval system for United Nations documents that uses optical disk as the storage medium and permits high-speed transmission of such documents through telecommunications links. The System includes a total of 300,000 documents produced in New York beginning in 1993; documents produced in Geneva, as well as, all resolutions and decisions in all official languages of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and Trusteeship Council from 1946.

Narcotic Drugs: Estimated World Requirements

Frequency: yearly report + 11 supplements
Provides analysis of recent trends and statistics for estimated requirements and actual movements of Narcotic Drugs. Data is provided for specific groups of drugs and countries.

Official Journal of the European Communities

Frequency: Monthly
The Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ) is the only periodical published every working day in all 11 official languages of the European Union (EU). It consists of two related series (L for legislation and C for information and notices) and a supplement (S for public tenders).

COMDocs complete (global)

Print, Microfiche
Frequency: irregular
Published irregularly, ComDocs contain details of all proposed legislation, including amendments. All background information, research etc. is also included.