The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for Car Drivers app

Author: Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

Theory Test app iconThis official Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency app is a simple and convenient way to help prepare for both parts of your theory test (multiple choice and hazard perception) on the go. The perfect companion to the official DVSA range of books, CD-ROMs, DVDs and downloads to get you on the road to safe driving for life.

This app is split into two sections: Theory Test for Car Drivers and Hazard Perception for all drivers and motorcyclists.


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Theory Test for Car Drivers:

  • From the people who set the tests who better to learn from?

  • Study easy-to-remember background information on all 14 topics to help you fully understand the theory

  • Practice select specific topics to answer questions on and see how much you've learnt. Includes the full DVSA explanation and references to the source material for each answer so you can find out more. The ONLY app with official practice case studies for each topic. Review your answers to see where you need more work

  • Mock tests includes EVERY official DVSA theory test revision question. Take mock tests with 57 minutes to answer 50 randomly selected questions, just like the real thing. Review your answers at the end of the test to see which you got wrong and why

  • Monitor your progress your progression through each section is clearly tracked. Quickly find out how much of the app you have completed, which topics need a bit more work and how many questions you have answered correctly so you can see when you're ready to pass

  • The Official Highway Code complete eBook of this essential resource included

  • Easy to use clear three-step approach and user-friendly design to help make revision on the go really simple

  • Extras loads of extra features to help you prepare for your test and beyond including a voiceover option to help those with reading difficulties and/or dyslexia.

Hazard Perception for all drivers and motorcyclists:

  • Introduction to the test official DVSA video introducing the hazard perception part of the test

  • Practice clips includes 10 official DVSA practice hazard perception interactive video clips. Tap the screen when you see a hazard developing, receive a score for each clip to see how you have done. Review your performance and see how the clip is scored to help improve your skills

The hazard perception part of the app is perfect for showing you how the hazard perception test works. It is not definitive and you should seek guidance from your instructor about developing your skills.

To prepare fully for your driving theory test make sure you use this app alongside the other official DVSA books, CD-ROMs, DVDs and downloads.

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