SKMs - See Section within Section 4.7 Service design package Service improvement plan Early life support Service Strategy Box Return on Investment box Financial Management Strategy Generation Box Develop offerings box Demand management box Develop strategic assets Service portfolio management Service level package Supplier Management box Negotiate and agree - See within Section 4.2 Service level management box Design solution Service catalogue management box Service design box Controls - See Section within section 4.6 Continuity Availability Capacity Testing - See Section within Section 4.5 Recovery - See Section within Section 4.5 Design for Availability - See Section within Section 4.4 Reliability - See Section 4.4.4 within Section Section 4.4 Application sizing - See in Section 4.3 Security Breach Management - See within Section 4.6 Tuning and optimization - See within section 4.3 Modelling - See in Section 4.3 Service Transition Transition plans - See section within Section 4.1 test models - See Section within section 4.5 Predicted performance - See Section within section 4.6 Actual performance - See Section within Sectiion 4.6 Planning and support Valuation and testing Evaluation Knowledge Change management Service asset and configuration management Release and deployment management Service operation Event management Incident managment Request fulfillment Monitoring and control Operations Mainframe Network Server Storage Database Directory Desktop support Middleware Internet Facilities Security Operation process activities Problem Technology Access Continual service improvement Service reporting Policy and rules - See section 4.2.1 within section 4.2 Service measurement Measurement framework - See section 4.3.2 within Section .4.3 ROI Define what you should measure Define what you can measure Gather data Process data Analyze data Present information Corrective actions 7 step improvement