Special educational needs green paper: oral evidence, Tuesday 17 May 2011 Sue Bourne, Headteacher, The Avenue School, Reading, Professor Geoff Lindsay, University of Warwick, Jane McConnell, Chief Executive, Independent Parental Special Education Advice, Councillor Ken Meeson, Local Government Association and Leader, Sollihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Lorraine Petersen OBE, Chief Executive, Nasen and Sarah Teather MP, Minister of State for Children and Families, Department for Education

House of Commons papers 1019-i 2010-12

Corporate Author:
Great Britain Parliament House of Commons Education Committee
Graham Stuart (chairman)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Support and aspiration: a new approach to special educational needs and disability', the special educational needs green paper, published in March 2011 as Cm. 8027 (ISBN 9780101802727).

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