Information and communications technology in government: fortieth report of session 2010-12 report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence

House of Commons papers 1050 2010-12

Corporate Author:
Great Britain Parliament House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts
Margaret Hodge (chairman)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

This report examines the Government's new strategy for ICT and the practical steps necessary to implement its 30 key actions. The strategy is ambitious, with some 30 actions to be delivered in just 24 months. However it lacks quantitative targets, or a baseline of current performance, which will make it difficult to measure success. The implementation plan, due in August 2011, should include milestones on which the government can be held to account. The Committee welcomes the differences between this and previous strategies. The Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) will insist on shorter, more iterative projects that take no more than two to three years, will step in and micro-manage a department's project if required, will promote greater input from smaller business suppliers, and will require a focus on designing services around the customer. Yet there are serious concerns about the strategy. It lacks detail about the Government's approach to cyber-security, which is worrying given the drive for more government services to move online. Government also has not yet assessed the size of its existing ICT workforce or the number of ICT people or the skills it will need to deliver its strategy. ERG has only a small team of experts to keep on top of more than 50 major projects. The Committee is concerned that ERG could not provide any detail on the nature or the number of its major projects.

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