Departmental Business Planning

HC 650, Thirty-seventh Report of Session 2010-12 - Report, Together with Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence

House of Commons - Committee of Public Accounts
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Departmental Business Planning (HC 650)' reports the Committee of Public Account's findings in relation to the progress of the 17 Departmental Business Plans published as a result of the 2010 Spending Review.

The 'Spending Review 2010 (Cm. 7942)' set out the Government's policy and financial priorities, and a spending framework requiring significant cuts to most departmental budgets. Subsequently, the Government published 17 Departmental Business Plans which focus on the priorities set out in the Coalition Agreement and are designed to provide a basis for accountability for delivery of those actions.

The plans set out a policy intention to shift power from central government to local communities and locally based public, private and voluntary bodies.

However, the planning to support the implementation of the reforms and new models of service delivery is at different stages in different departments with much of the detail under development or not yet in the public domain.

The Business Plans also contain key indicators of input and impact which the Government intends should provide high level accountability to Parliament and others for overall departmental performance.

The Plans also underpin the allocation of resources within departments and the subsequent accountability for the use of those resources. The Committee examined the business planning process as a basis for managing reform, for reducing costs, and for departmental strategic management and accountability.

This report identifies a number of important areas that departments should consider that will aid them to:

  • clarify accountability;

  • support cost-effective implementation of Government policies; and

  • secure effective performance management.

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