Life in the United Kingdom: a journey to citizenship [downloadable pdf version] 2nd ed

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Life in the United Kingdom Advisory Group , Great Britain Home Office
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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Since 2005, everyone who applies to become a British citizen has to show their knowledge of the English language and of life in the UK in one of two ways: by taking a special ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course, or by taking the Life in the UK test. From April 2007, everyone who applies for permanent residence in the UK will also be required to take one of these two tests. This is the second edition of the official handbook which covers all the questions that may be asked in the test, and it is valid for all tests taken from April 2007. The handbook contains chapters on: the making of the United Kingdom, summarising its history; a changing society, including issues of migration and the changing role of women; a profile of Britain today, including its nations and regions, religion, customs and traditions; how Britain is governed, including the British Constitution and its role in Europe and the world; everyday needs, covering topics of housing, health, education, money, leisure and travel; employment issues; knowing the law, including the civil and criminal legal system; sources of help and information, including public libraries and the police service; and building better communities, including participating in the local community and opportunities for volunteering.

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