Consumer Rights Bill: Statement On Policy Reform And Responses To Pre-Legislative Scrutiny

Cm. 8796

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

Consumer law sets out what consumers should expect from what they buy, and what rights and responsibilities consumers and traders have if things do not go to plan, the paper 'Consumer Rights Bill: Statement On Policy Reform And Responses To Pre-Legislative Scrutiny (Cm. 8796)' examines proposals to reform the UK's consumer law which has developed over many years and exists in eight separate pieces of legislation to cover key consumer rights, whilst some 60 pieces of legislation cover the investigatory powers of consumer law enforcers.

Confusion is exacerbated by unnecessary complexity and ambiguity in parts of the exisintg law. The draft Consumer Rights Bill to reform this situation was published in June 2013 (see below) following extensive consultation with consumers, businesses and enforcers, the Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission.

Views on the Bill were invited and the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee also carried out a pre-legislative scrutiny report (see below). The Bill now presented to Parliament (Bill 161 - see below) is the result of the consultation process.

This paper explains how the Bill will reform consumer rights by:

  • streamlining key consumer rights covering contracts for good, services, digital content and the law relating to unfair terms in consumer contracts into one place;

  • clarifying the law where it is confusing or written in legal jargon;

  • modernising the framework for the digital age;

  • deregulating to reduce business burdens and costs; and

  • enhancing measures to protect consumers.

The problems with the current law and how the Bill will address them are also outlined.

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