Water for Life

Cm. 8230

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Water for Life (Cm. 8230)' describes a vision for future water management in which the water sector is resilient; water companies are more efficient and customer focused; and water is valued as the precious and finite resource it is.

It explains that we all have a part to play in the realisation of this vision and recognises that water is essential for economic growth and that we must protect the environment for future generations.

Plans outlined include:

  • improving the condition of our rivers by encouraging local organisations to improve water quality and make sure we are extracting water from our environment in the least harmful way;

  • announcing plans to reform the water industry and deregulate water markets to drive economic growth;

  • enabling business and public sector customers to negotiate better services from suppliers and cut their costs;

  • removing barriers that have discouraged new entrants from competing in the water market;

  • asking water companies to consider where water trading and interconnecting pipelines could help ensure secure water supplies at a price customers can afford;

  • enabling water companies to introduce new social tariffs for people struggling to pay their bills and seeks to tackle bad debt which ordinary householders have to bear the cost of; and

  • tackling the historic unfairness of water infrastructure in the South West.

These changes are all designed to lead to a more robust and prepared water industry, which promotes innovation and growth in the economy at the same time as we protect the environment.

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Format Paperback Published 08 Dec 2011
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