Europa/Routledge Reference

The Directory of EU Information Sources: 16th Edition

The sixteenth edition of 'The Directory of EU Information Sources' brings together a wide range of information sources, comprising not only the various constituent institutions of the European Union, their personnel, publications, information offices, websites and representations in Europe and the rest of the world, but also ...more

The European Union Encyclopedia and Directory 2007

Thoroughly updated, this new edition provides extensive information on all matters relating to the European Union and full coverage of the expansion of the EU under the Nice Treaty....more

A Dictionary of the European Union: 3rd Edition

'A Dictionary of the European Union', now in its third edition, offers a wide range of information about the EU, from acronyms and treaties to member states and people who have played an important role in the formation and development of the EU....more

Lobbying in the European Union: 4th Edition

Over the years, public affairs have become increasingly complex and it is now standard practice to turn to professional in the field of lobbying. 'Lobbying in the European Union - 4th Edition' is a reference source providing contact details of key personnel and institutions focused on the European Union....more

The Guide to EU Information Sources on the Internet: 3rd Edition

The amount of information that is available on the European Union is growing daily, and many EU institutional websites are becoming increasingly extensive and more difficult to navigate....more