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One of the factors determining success is how fast an organisation can move in order to meet new challenges. Managing change has therefore become a fundamental management skill requiring a consistent business approach.

Managing Successful Programmes provides you with the framework and strategies of Programme Management - an approach for managing change and delivering business benefits from a set of related projects.

Managing Successful Programmes encourages practitioners to take account of the interaction between the business environment, the organisation, the people and the supporting information systems. It describes the framework necessary for managing change and managing programmes successfully; understanding, planning, implementation and control are key to the process.

If you plan to use the CD-ROM version of Managing Successful Programmes on more than one workstation, your organisation is legally obliged to purchase a network licence. Besides this legal requirement, there are benefits to be gained by networking Managing Successful Programmes across your organisation.

Benefits of the Networked Managing Successful Programmes:

  • Maximum access to the publication through any workstation within your organisation, and represents a considerable saving on duplicated copies
  • The full text can be downloaded onto your intranet, giving access and search capability throughout your organisation
  • All amendments and revisions issued throughout the year are available company wide simultaneously to avoid working at cross-purposes.
  • Network licence holders benefit from dedicated management resource at TSO.

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