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Education, Training and Workforce Planning

HC 6-I, First Report of Session 2012-13 - Volume I: Report, Together with Formal Minutes

House of Commons - Health Committee
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Education, Training and Workforce Planning (HC 6-I)' concludes that the Government's plans to reform education, training and workforce planning in the National Health Service (NHS) are unclear and lack crucial detail.

Plans to reform handling of the 5billion annual training budget are welcome in principle, but without greater clarity and detail from the Government, coupled with a greater sense of urgency about their implementation, the success of new arrangements is at risk.

The proposed tariff system for paying education and training providers will bring greater fairness, transparency and focus on quality. Moreover, placing a levy on all healthcare providers (including the private sector) to pay for training would also be fairer and more open.

In summary, the Committee make the following recommendations:

  • New arrangements for voluntary registration of healthcare assistants should be replaced in the long term by compulsory regulation.

  • More must be done to reconcile reduced working hours for junior doctors with meeting their training needs.

  • The NHS needs to ensure that its training programme will allow it to meet its own staffing needs, although the system should continue to welcome staff who have been trained overseas.

  • NHS workforce planning should aim to avoid over-reliance on locum and agency staff, but both should continue to provide necessary flexibility within the system.

  • More detail is needed about how postgraduate medical deaneries will fit into the new system.

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