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ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. ITIL provides a cohesive set of best practice, drawn from the public and private sectors internationally. It is supported by a comprehensive qualification scheme, accredited training organisations, and implementation and assessment tools. The best-practice processes promoted in ITIL both support and are supported by the British Standards Institution's Standard for IT Service Management (BS15000).

If you plan to use the Online Subscription version of the ITIL products on more than one workstation, your organisation is legally obliged to purchase a network licence. Besides this legal requirement, there are benefits to be gained by networking the ITIL products across your organisation.

Benefits of the Networked ITIL Products:

  • Maximum access to the publication through any workstation within your organisation, and represents a considerable saving on duplicated copies
  • The full text can be downloaded onto your intranet, giving access and search capability throughout your organisation
  • All amendments and revisions issued throughout the year are available company wide simultaneously to avoid working at cross-purposes.
  • Network licence holders benefit from dedicated management resource at TSO.

The ITIL Series

ITIL's most recent version, Version 3 (V3), represents an important evolutionary step in its life. The refresh has transformed the guidance from providing a great service to being the most innovative and best in class. At the same time, the interface between old and new approaches is seamless so that users do not have to reinvent the wheel when adopting it. V3 allows users to build on the successes of V2 but take IT service management even further.

In general, V3 makes the link between ITIL's best practice and business benefits both clearer and stronger. The main development is that V3 takes a lifecycle approach to guidance, as opposed to organising according to IT delivery sectors. To reinforce changes, the library has seen a major visual revamp with inspirational imagery based on natural themes and a new, clean layout. The library includes:

The Official Introduction to Service Lifecycle
This official introduction is your gateway to ITIL. It explains the basic concept of IT service Management and the place of ITIL, introducing the new lifecycle model, which puts into context all the familiar ITIL processes from the earlier books. It also serves to illuminate the background of thr new ITIL structure. This title introduces ITSM and ITIL, explains why the service lifecycle approach is best practice in today's ITSM, and makes a persuasive case for change.
After showing high level process models, it takes the reader through the main principles that govern the new version: lifecycle stages, governance and decision making, then the principles behind design and deployment, and operation and optimisation.

Service Strategy
A view of ITIL that aligns business and IT so that each brings out the best in the other. It ensures that every element of the Service Lifecycle is focused on customer outcomes and relates to all the companion process elements that follow. Subsequent titles in the core set will link deliverables to meeting the business goals, requirements and service management principles described in this publication.

Service Design
In order to meet the current and future business requirements, Service Design provides guidance on the production and maintenance of IT policies, architectures, and documents for the design of appropriate and innovative IT infrastructure service solutions and processes.

Service Transition
Service Transition provides guidance and process activities for the transition of services in the operational business environment. It covers the broader, long-term change management role, release and deployment practices, so that risks, benefits, delivery mechanisms and the support of ongoing operational services are considered.

Service Operation
Service Operation introduces, explains and details delivery and control activities to achieve operational excellence on a day-to-day basis. Readers will find many of the familiar processes from the former service support and service delivery books, which have been updated where necessary.

Continual Service Improvement
Alongside the delivery of consistent, repeatable process activities as part of service quality, ITIL has always emphasised the importance of continual improvements. Focusing on the process elements involved in identifying and introducing service management improvements, this publication also deals with issues surrounding service retirement.

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