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Malware and Cyber Crime

HC 1537, Twelfth Report of Session 2010-12 - Report, Together With Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence

House of Commons - Science and Technology Committee
TSO (The Stationery Office)

'Malware and Cyber Crime (HC 1537)' reports that malicious software - designed to infect computers to steal bank details and identity information - poses a growing threat in the UK as more people use the internet and an increasing proportion of economic activity takes place online.

The Science and Technology Committee say the Government must do more to help the public understand how to stay safe online. It calls for a prolonged awareness raising campaign to increase public understanding of personal online security.

Routine IT hygiene accounts for 80% of protection against cyber-attack, yet currently there is no single first point of advice and help for consumers and much of the online information about internet security is often technical or jargon-filled. Television exposure is crucial to gain the widest possible exposure to the safety message.

The Committee recommends that more should be done to promote and resource the existing Government website Get Safe Online. Advice from Get Safe Online should be provided with every device capable of accessing the internet and all Government websites should link to the website and highlight the latest security updates.

The provision of Government services by the 'digital by default' policy will increasingly require those in receipt of Government benefits and services to access these online. The Committee raises concerns that the scheme will be of greater use in protecting the Government against welfare fraud than the individual user against crime. The Government should investigate the potential for imposing statutory safety standards if the industry cannot demonstrate that voluntary self-regulation can improve security.

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