Hand Hygiene: Guidelines for Best Practice - Guideline 62, eBook

Author: Debra Smith
Publisher: Campden BRI

Hand hygiene is an essential element of food safety, but provisions vary widely between facilities. This guideline brings together knowledge and practices from both the food and medical industries and proposes best practice for hand hygiene within the food industry.

It covers a range of areas for producers to consider, including their hand hygiene facilities, prescribed ways for employees to wash their hands and methods for monitoring employees' hand hygiene.

Contents include:

  • Hands as vectors of contamination
  • Hygiene hazards associated with hands
  • Controlling the hazards
  • Recommended hand hygiene procedure
  • Hand hygiene procedure compliance
  • Hand hygiene assessment and control
  • Skin care
  • Hand hygiene area facilities design and management
  • Other considerations

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