A guide to microorganisms and their control - Guideline 68, eBook

Author: Dr Greg Jones
Publisher: Campden BRI

A guide to microorganisms and their control supplements existing work on food microbiology, presenting information in an easy to read format, making it accessible to non-microbiologists.

The Guideline answers common microbiological questions, making it an essential reference for new product development and during the reformulation of existing products. It contains a series of monographs on the pathogens and spoilage organisms of most concern to the food and drink industry. Each monograph contains:

  • A brief introduction to the organism
  • Minimum conditions for growth and destruction
  • A list of its sources
  • An outline of foods particularly at risk
  • Guidelines or legislative limits for the organism in food
  • Key methods of control
  • Likely defects or illnesses caused by the organism

Contents include:

  • Table of food types and microorganisms of concern
  • Pasteurisation and heat treatments
  • Glossary of terms
  • Indicator groups
  • A-Z list of microorganisms

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