Traceability in the Food and Feed Chain: General Principles and Basic System Requirements - Guideline 60, eBook

Author: John Holah
Publisher: Campden BRI

All food businesses have a role to play in ensuring that a product and its components can be traced from its raw materials, through the production process, to the customer. This guideline helps organisations at all stages in the chain to understand and implement traceability measures.

The guideline outlines the general principles and basic system requirements for the design and implementation of a traceability system that will help organisations to collect and store accurate information about the raw materials and ingredients, products and processes under their control. This information forms an interlinking chain of records, enabling a product to be traced throughout its lifecycle.

The guideline gives special reference to food safety and requirements in the EU.

Contents include:

  • What is traceability?
  • How to set up and conduct a traceability study
  • Planning stages to enable traceability
  • Establishing and implementing traceability
  • Examples of traceability plans

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