Roadcraft: The Police Driver's Handbook eBook

Author: The Police Foundation
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

The new edition of this iconic publication - prepared through close consultation with the police, other emergency services and driving instructors - has been fully revised and updated to give the best evidence-based and authoritative guidance on advanced driving skills. It is an essential text not just for police drivers, but for anyone who wants to become a better, safer driver.

Four reasons to buy it:

1. Become a better driver - the techniques outlined in Roadcraft will help you become a safer and more skilful driver, able to cope with the most demanding situations

2. Be safer on the road - with a focus on self-assessment, the Roadcraft system of car control provides you with a systematic decision-making tool that enables you to deal with hazards safely and efficiently

3. Learn new skills - new full-colour 3D illustrations help you learn key principles and techniques for better driving

4. Expert guidance - with input from trainers in the emergency services, Roadcraft is recognised internationally as the 'gold standard' for driving. It includes new chapters on manoeuvring at low speeds and emergency response driving

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