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The All Follows legislative tracking service offers you an easy way to follow the progress of legislation. Each morning publications are identified and issued to All Follows customers that relate to their chosen Bill, up to and following Royal Assent.

Key Legislation

The 'Banking (Special Provisions) Act 2008: Elizabeth II - Chapter 2' received Royal Assent on 21 February 2008. It is an Act to make provision to enable the Treasury in certain circumstances to make an order relating to the transfer of securities issued by, or of property, rights or liabilities belonging ...more


The 'Serious Crime Act 2007: Elizabeth II – Chapter 27' received Royal Assent on 30 October 2007. It is an Act to make provision about serious crime prevention orders; to create offences in respect of the encouragement or assistance of crime; and to enable information to be shared or processed ...more


The Further Education and Training Act 2007 received Royal Assent on 23 October 2007. It is an Act to make provision about the Learning and Skills Council for England; to make provision about institutions within the further education sector; to make provision with respect to ...more


The 'Pensions Act 2007: Elizabeth II – Chapter 22' is presented in four parts. Part 1 concerns the State Pension: the entitlement to Category A and B retirement pensions; credits for basic state pension; abolition of adult dependency increases; up-rating of basic state pension ...more


The main purpose of the Mental Health Act 2007 is to amend the Mental Health Act 1983 (ISBN 0105420832). It also introduces 'deprivation of liberty safeguards' through amending the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) (ISBN 0105405078) and extends the rights of ...more


The 'Income Tax Act 2007' is an Act to restate, with minor changes, certain enactments relating to income tax. Explanatory notes to assist in the understanding of this Act are available separately (ISBN 0105603074, see below). A table of origins and a table of destinations are also available in a separate volume ...more


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