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International Monetary Fund (IMF)

International Monetary Fund logoThe IMF is the specialised agency of the United Nations that was established under the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement, and has been operational since 1947. It seeks to promote international monetary co-operation and the growth of world trade, and to smooth multilateral payment arrangements among member states.

Key Publications...

Taming Indian InflationTaming Indian Inflation cover

This book analyzes various facets of Indian inflation and their implications for the conduct of monetary policy in India. In particular, given the role of food inflation in driving inflation dynamics in India, several chapters are devoted exclusively to analyzing and managing food inflation.

Taming Indian Inflation

Collapse and RevivalCollapse and Revival jacket

As the debates about the recent global recession and the subsequent recovery have clearly shown, our understanding of these questions has been very limited. In this book, a systematic analysis of global recessions and recoveries is undertaken to address these questions.

Collapse and Revival

Africa on the Move: Unlocking the Potential of Small Middle-Income StatesAfrica On The Move: Unlocking the Potential of Small Middle-Income States cover

This publication describes the reforms needed to move small middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa to advanced-economy status.

Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook 2015Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook 2015 cover

The Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook, usually published in December, contains balance of payments statistics for most of the world, compiled in accordance with the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual.

Power Play: Energy and Manufacturing in North AmericaPower Play: Energy and Manufacturing in North America cover

This book develops a practical methodology, and associated tools, to show how the major environmental damages from energy can be quantified for different countries and used to design the efficient set of energy taxes.

The Mechanics of a Strong Euro Area: IMF Policy AnalysisThe Mechanics of a Strong Euro Area: IMF Policy Analysis cover

This book focuses on the analytical underpinnings of real-time policy advice given to euro area policymakers during three cycles of the IMF's annual Article IV consultations (2012-14) with euro area authorities.