Generic Risk Assessment Series (pre 2009)

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Fire Service Manuals - Generic Risk Assessment Series

Generic Risk Assessment 3.2 - High Rise Firefighting: Version 2 - September 2008

For firefighting purposes, a high-rise building is considered to be one containing floors at such a height or position, or design that external firefighting and rescue operations may not be feasible or practicable. This assessment considers the hazard risks and control measures for operational incidents ...more

Generic Risk Assessment 5.7  Explosives: Version 2  Part 1

Appropriate response to incidents is crucial for all fire and rescue services. This new Generic Risk Assessment (GRA) considers the hazards, risks and control measures for operational incidents where explosives, which include fireworks, are or are suspected to be involved. ...more

Volume 1: A Guide for Senior Officers: Fire Service Guides  Generic Risk Assessment Series

This guide gives Chief Fire Officers, Firemasters and other senior fire officers an overview of a health and safety structure required for a brigade. It looks at a range of issues including benefits, duties, and responsibilities. ...more

Volume 2: A Guide for Managers: Fire Service Guides  Generic Risk Assessment Series

This guide is separated into five sections: Section 1 Health and Safety Law and the legal responsibilities of Fire Service Managers; Section 2 Health and Safety Training; Section 3 Accidents and Injuries; Section 4 Work Related Sickness; and Section 5 Modular Guidance. ...more

Volume 2: A Guide for Managers  Module 18: Health and Safety Audit: Fire Service Guides  Generic Risk Assessment Series

Fire Authorities and their officers have a statutory responsibility to effectively plan, organise, control, monitor and review their protective and preventive measures for health and safety in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. ...more

Volume 3: A Guide to Operational Risk Assessment: Fire Service Guides  Generic Risk Assessment Series

The Generic Risk Assessment Series has been produced to help brigades in their response to regulatory requirements with regard to risk assessment. This title provides practical guidance on how the assessments may be used by fire brigades. ...more

Dynamic Risk Assessment Flowchart: Fire Service Guides

This flowchart first appeared as part of 'Dynamic Management of Risk Fire Service Guides' (ISBN 9780113412211, available below), and is now available separately here as a pack of 20. ...more

  • Published: 08 Sep 2000
  • ISBN: 9780113412518
  • £27.50
    (£33.00 inc. VAT)

Dynamic Management of Risk: Fire Service Guides

This guide brings together information about risk management in one volume, to assist all personnel to make the appropriate contribution to achieving and maintaining acceptable levels of safety in dangerous environments where risk can not be totally eliminated. ...more

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