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BSI Nanotechnology

UK stakeholders can keep up to date with the latest nanotechnology terminology, health and safety issues, product labelling and materials specifications with BSI guidance and Standards.

The UK is playing a key role in leading the development of nanotechnology Standards through its national committee NTI/1 "Nanotechnologies" and holds both the chair and secretariat of ISO TC/229 "Nanotechnologies" and CEN/TC 352 "Nanotechnologies".

Nanotechnology is an emergent area of science and engineering that - at its simplest - aims to study and manipulate the unique behaviour of materials at a scale of approximately 1-100 nanometres.

Nanotechnology is gathering interest from those working in fields as diverse as healthcare, IT and energy generation and storage, with business and government investing heavily in a technology that promises huge potential for innovation.

BSI, CEN and ISO are all working on further documents, which will be published in due course.

BSI's publications will help to ensure that nanotechnology is developed and commercialised in an open, safe and responsible manner and will support:

  • Safety testing, legislation and regulation
  • Worker, public and environmental safety
  • Commercialisation and procurement
  • Patenting and IPR
  • Communication about the benefits, opportunities and potential problems associated with nanotechnologies.

Key Publications: