Information Governance

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Information Governance

BSI Information Governance

"Information can have great value as an organisational asset but can be a toxic liability if not handled properly".
UK Information Commissioner's Annual Report 2007/08

Information Governance is vital to the successful running of any organisation. Data breaches are now common place, not because of hackers or criminals, but because of bad business processes and policies.

New technologies make it easier for organisations to collect personal data and therefore provide more specialised services to customers. However, these technologies also increase the risk of breaking privacy laws, especially regarding proportionality and retention of personal information.

Standards play an important role in helping organizations achieve good information governance. Whatever the size of your organization, BSI has guidance to help.

Effective Management of Records and Electronic Documents:

Evidential Weight & Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information:

Secure Management of Information:

Compliance with Data Protection Legislation: