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Green IT

BSI Green IT

Although there is no exact definition of Green IT, it is often the case that for many organisations that the IT department are the largest consumers of energy.

Green IT therefore marks a commitment to changes in current practice in order to reduce unnecessary IT use whilst optimising technology's ability to offset emissions from other areas of your business.

BSI Standards are regularly updated in this area (often in response to external drivers such as the WEEE Directive) and cover a wide range of disciplines, including the information security challenges presented by cloud computing and increased mobile working.

Data centres, which operate at the heart of the new digital economy, are of particular interest. As reliance on these grows at a time when the availability of energy is diminishing and costs are rising current Standards relate to specific areas of data centre operation (cabling).

There is a proposed European Standard on data centre design that looks at their energy-efficiency.

Other work includes the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres which, whilst not a formal Standard, is the most advanced good practice to date.

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