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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Culture & Tourism

Tourism at world heritage sites: challenges and opportunities: International tourism seminar Çesmse (Izmir), Turkey, 26 March 2013.

Corporate Author:
World Tourism Organization

The Conference on "Tourism at World Heritage Sites - Challenges and Opportunities" was held at Çesme (Izmir), Turkey, on 26 March 2013, in conjunction with the 55th Meeting of the World Tourism Organisation Commission for Europe. Representatives from the majority of the European member countries of the UNWTO Regional Commission for Europe gathered to discuss and raise awareness within the tourism sector of the dynamic relationship with world heritage sites and the need to share in the protection, management and presentation of these special places. This conference report captures the main themes, presentations and discussions that took place throughout the day. It aims to disseminate the information and insights from the conference, thus contributing to the important work of UNWTO, while affirming UNWTO's support and encouragement for culture and tourism experts and stakeholders to work together to achieve sustainable outcomes.

  • ISBN: 9789284416592
  • £23.00

Culture & Tourism

Responding to climate change: tourism initiatives in Asia and the Pacific.

Corporate Author:
World Tourism Organization

Responding to climate change: tourism initiatives in Asia and the Pacific explores the general causes and effects of climate change on tourism at a global and regional level. Presenting specific case studies from Asia and the Pacific, the publication examines tourism´s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately calling for greater mitigation and adaptation measures from the public and private sector. The study concludes that the socio-economic impacts of climate change on tourism require greater vigilance and further research to ensure the sector´s long-term sustainability and its effective contribution to the great challenge of climate change

  • ISBN: 9789284416189
  • £77.00


The next National Security Strategy: first report of session 2014-15: report, together with formal minutes.

House of Lords papers (2014-15) - 114. House of Commons papers (2014-15) -749.
Margaret Beckett (chair)

The last five years have seen a range of international developments, ranging from the growth of radicalisation and fundamentalism, to growing concerns around our energy supply, and rising aggression from Russia. The NSS must be flexible enough to support contingency planning, and in this Report the Committee recommends that the Government produce a classified NSS or annex which can be used in Government departments to influence planning assumptions for a range of scenarios. In its report the Committee said that the next NSS should look hard at the UK's place within the international order, and what strategic thinking should underpin its actions over the next five years. It also needs to influence the Comprehensive Spending Review, to ensure that the Government can make fully-informed decisions on security-related spending. The next NSS should set clear objectives for the UK's future place in the world and geopolitical priorities, and inform the Strategic Defence and Security Review's assessment of the means required to achieve them.

  • ISBN: 9780108557743
  • £9.00

Education & Training

Special Educational Needs and Disability Bill: (as introduced).

Northern Ireland Assembly bills - 46/11-16.

The Bill will make amendments to existing provisions contained within the Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1996, as amended. It will strengthen the existing duties on the Authority and Boards of Governors of grant aided schools to address the needs of pupils with SEN and provide greater rights to parents and children over compulsory school age within the SEN framework and in respect of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (the Tribunal). The Bill will also make amendments to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (NI) Order 2005 by providing a new statutory right to a disabled pupil or prospective disabled pupil who is over compulsory school age to make a claim of unlawful disability discrimination to the Tribunal

  • ISBN: 9780339208728
  • £4.00


An employment-oriented investment strategy for Europe.

Studies on growth with equity

The employment situation remains a major source of concern in the majority of countries in the European Union. Half of the region's unemployed have been without work for more than a year, and unless the policy approach changes, the prospects are for a sluggish employment recovery. The Investment Plan proposed by the European Commission is thus a welcome initiative that recognises the immediate need for stimulating growth, fostering Europe's competitiveness and tackling the employment crisis. This report finds that for the Investment Plan to make a significant dent in unemployment, the design of the programme is crucial. Taking into account the magnitude and diversity of the labour market challenges, placing greater emphasis on complementary labour market policies and ensuring that small enterprises have access to credit will lead to better outcomes. In addition, any measures developed as part of the Investment Plan need to form the basis of a medium-term employment strategy that aims at quality job creation and avoids a "race to the bottom" in terms of wages and working conditions.

  • ISBN: 9789221294092
  • £10.00


World employment and social outlook: trends 2015.

Corporate Author:
International Labour Office

The World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2015 includes a forecast of worsening global unemployment levels and explains the factors behind it, such as continuing inequality and falling wage shares. The report looks at the drivers of the rising middle class in the developing world as well as the risk of social unrest, especially in areas of elevated youth unemployment. It also addresses structural factors shaping the world of work, including an aging population and shifts in the skills sought by employers.

  • ISBN: 9789221292593
  • £14.00