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Daily List 169

Today's highlights

Wednesday 2 September 2015


Guidelines on assessment of dredged material. 2015 ed.

Corporate Author:
International Maritime Organization

This document provides guidance on the application of the waste assessment guidelines (WAG) using low technology and low cost methods. For example, it contains details on low cost sampling, testing, information gathering and documenting, consistent with the WAG, to allow characterization of the dredged material and selection of suitable disposal sites, including guidance on simple and low cost monitoring of disposal activities, and feedback surveys to improve decision making.

  • ISBN: 9789280116069
  • 15.00


Engage-TB: training of community health workers and community volunteers.

Corporate Author:
World Health Organization

This facilitators' guide for training community health workers (CHWs) and community volunteers (CVs) is intended for training in tuberculosis (TB) and integration of TB prevention and care services into community-based activities. The training lasts 3 days. It includes a PowerPoint slide set, which is an integral part of the guide. Together, these allow the facilitator to progress carefully from one idea to the next. This document is not for use directly by CHWs or CVs. The training includes six training modules. It starts with introductions, objectives and norms, followed by a brief presentation of the ENGAGE-TB approach, which will enable CHWs and CVs to integrate TB activities into their existing work. The third module allows substantial time for CHWs and CVs to understand the basics of TB: its signs and symptoms and how it can be prevented and treated. The fourth module deals with integration of community-based TB services into community work. This is followed by a field visit to a TB clinic so that CHWs understand how clinical and laboratory aspects are handled. Finally, the CHWs and CVs reflect on what they have learnt and describe how they will integrate TB services into their work on their return home.

  • ISBN: 9789241509176
  • 13.00