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Law Commission Reforming the Law

Law CommissionThe Law Commission's main task is to review areas of the law and to make recommendations for change. The Commission seeks to ensure that the law is as simple, accessible, fair, modern, and cost-effective as possible.

Law Commission Consultation Papers and Reports

Firearms Law: A Scoping Consultation Paper: Consultation Paper No 224

The consultation paper 'Firearms Law: A Scoping Consultation Paper (Consultation Paper No 224)' has two aims; to consult on particular reforms to firearms law that appear to be urgently needed; and to examine the case for more fundamental reform....more

Rights To Light: HC  796

The report 'Rights To Light (HC 796)' examines the law granting landowners rights to ensure their property receives enough natural light....more

Electoral Law: Consultation Paper No 218, SLCDP 158, NILC 20

'Electoral Law (LCCP 218, SLCDP 158, NILC 20)' reviews the law governing the conduct of elections and referendums in the UK, and sets out our provisional proposals and questions for consultation with the public....more

Level Crossings: Cm. 8711

The paper 'Level Crossings (Cm. 8711)' is a project which follows on from a joint consultation in 2010, aiming to modernise and clarify the safety regime governing level crossings in Great Britain, making it easier to close level crossings where necessary and preserve rights of way where appropriate. ...more

Data Sharing Between Public Bodies: A Consultation Paper: Consultation Paper No 214

The consultation paper 'Data Sharing Between Public Bodies: A Consultation Paper (LCCP 214)' investigates problems with sharing data reported by public bodies....more

Patents, Trade Marks And Design Rights: Groundless Threats: A Consultation Paper: Consultation Paper No 212

Infringement litigation can be disruptive and expensive, the paper 'Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights: Groundless Threats: A Consultation Paper' examines the law regarding false accusations of patent, trade mark or design right ...more

Renting Homes In Wales: Cm. 8578

The report 'Renting Homes in Wales (Cm. 8578)' updates the recommendations of the 2006 Law Commission report 'Renting Homes: The Final Report' (see below), for the purpose of an introduction of a bill by the Welsh Government....more

Conservation Covenants: A Consultation Paper: Consultation Paper No 211

The paper 'Conservation Covenants: A Consultation Paper' examines the voluntary agreements between a landowner and a responsible body, such as a charity, public body or local/central Government, to do or not do something on their land for a conservation purpose; for example, an agreement to maintain woodland ...more

The Electronic Communications Code: HC 1004, Law Commission No 336

In this report 'The Electronic Communications Code' the Law Commission makes recommendations to form the basis of a revised Electronic Communications Code, which was originally enacted in 1984 to regulate landline telephone provision....more

Rights to Light: A Consultation Paper: Consultation Paper No 210

'Rights to Light: A Consultation Paper' exmaines the law which gives landowners the right to receive light through defined apertures in buildings on their land; the owners of land that is burdened by the right cannot substantially interfere without the consent of the benefiting owner. ...more

Contempt of Court - A Consultation Paper: Consultation Paper No 209

'Contempt of Court - A Consultation Paper' reports that a number of high-profile cases involving contempt of court have recently highlighted the need for a review of this area of the law. ...more