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The EU and Sudan: on the brink of change 18th report of session 2010-12 report

House of Lords papers 160 2010-12

Corporate Author:
Great Britain Parliament House of Lords European Union Committee
Lord Roper (chairman, Committee), Lord Teverson (chairman, Sub-committee C)
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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In this report the European Union Committee states that South Sudan needs the EU to invest time, finance and practical resources if it is to become a viable state following its declaration of independence on 9 July. The Committee concludes that there is a "high risk" that South Sudan will fail as a state. Its report calls on the EU to prioritise joining together with the United Nations, African Union and United States to resolve the most urgent issues threatening South Sudan's stability in order to avoid this. The Committee urges the EU to focus on four areas if the turning point of South Sudan's independence is not to be a missed opportunity for peace after decades of civil war: (1) The EU and international community must act together to calm violent inflammatory situations and to settle questions still in dispute between the North and South over debt, borders, citizenship and the distribution of oil revenues; (2) The EU must urgently establish the structures it needs to play a constructive role in South Sudan; (3) In the North the EU must find innovative ways to continue its development aid, despite the difficulties caused by the government of Sudan's lack of co-operation with the International Criminal Court; (4) The EU must not squander the respected role it has established for itself in supporting peacebuilding in Sudan - it must strengthen its measures against small arms proliferation and enforce its arms embargo.

Extent 71p. ISBN 9780108473517
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Format Paperback Published 22 Jun 2011
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