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Law Commission Consultation Papers and Reports

Law CommissionThe Law Commission's main task is to review areas of the law and to make recommendations for change. The Commission seeks to ensure that the law is as simple, accessible, fair, modern and cost-effective as possible. ...more

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Matrimonial Property, Needs And Agreements: Law Commission

The law gives the courts a wide discretion to make appropriate financial orders when marriages and civil partnerships are dissolved. An important element of those awards is meeting both parties' 'financial needs'; 'Matrimonial Property, Needs And Agreements (HC 1089)' addresses evidence of regional inconsistencies ...more

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Wildlife Law: Control Of Invasive Non-Native Species
: HC 1039

'Wildlife Law: Control Of Invasive Non-Native Species (HC 1039)' responds to proposed EU legislation and existing international obligations which highlight the need for early eradication of invasive non-native species, where they pose a significant threat to both ...more

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Legislative Tracking The All Follows Service from TSO

Legislative Tracking - The All Follows Service from TSOThe All Follows legislative tracking service offers you an easy way to follow the progress of legislation. Each morning publications are identified and issued to All Follows customers that relate to their chosen Bill, up to and following Royal Assent....more

Police Accountability: Landscape Review: Home Office: HC 963, Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General

The report 'Police Accountability: Landscape Review: Home Office (HC 963)' examines the accountability of police and crime commissioners, introduced in November 2012 as a major reform to how police forces are governed. ...more

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Contempt of Court (1): Juror Misconduct and Internet Publications: HC 860

'Contempt of Court (1): Juror Misconduct and Internet Publications (HC 860)' is the first in a series of three reports dealing with Contempt of Court, the remaining two to be published in 2014. ...more

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Fiduciary Duties of Investments Intermediaries: A Consultation Paper: Consultation Paper No 215

The consultation paper 'Fiduciary Duties of Investments Intermediaries: A Consultation Paper' follows on from the Kay Report on UK Equity Markets and Long Term Decision Making (see below), and uses pensions as the example, tracing a chain of intermediaries from the prospective ...more

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Level Crossings: Cm. 8711

The paper 'Level Crossings (Cm. 8711)' is a project which follows on from a joint consultation in 2010, aiming to modernise and clarify the safety regime governing level crossings in Great Britain, making it easier to close level crossings where necessary and preserve rights of way where appropriate. ...more

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