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Formerly Building Schools for the Future

Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) logoBuilding Schools for the Future (BSF) was the biggest ever school buildings investment programme. The aim was to rebuild or renew nearly every secondary school in England.

BSF attempted to enable every local authority to transform their secondary school estate. It aimed to change the educational experience for pupils and teachers and to increase opportunities for life-long learning for the wider community.

Latest Publications...

Designing for Disabled Children and Children with Special Educational Needs: Design Guidance for Mainstream and Special Schools: Building Bulletin 102

Building Bulletin 102 provides a framework for designing new school buildings for disabled children and children with special educational needs (SEN) within any setting, mainstream or special. The purpose of this title is to offer ...more

Project Faraday: Exemplar Designs for Science: Schools for the Future

Project Faraday set out to promote innovative science facilities that not only support 21st century approaches to learning and teaching but also inspire teachers and learners themselves. This publication presents the report arising from the Faraday Project ...more

  • Published: 29 Feb 2008
  • ISBN: 9780112711971
  • £26.00 (£26.26 inc. VAT)

Design of Sustainable Schools  Case Studies: Schools for the Future

This Schools for the Future guide, 'Design of Sustainable Schools Case Studies', is designed to be accessible to the whole school community. It is particularly aimed at expert professionals such as designers and local authority ...more

Briefing Framework for Primary School Projects: Building Bulletin 99 (2nd Edition)

'Briefing Framework for Primary School Projects: Building Bulletin 99 (2nd Edition)' sets out simple, realistic, non-statutory area guidelines for primary school buildings, by providing minimum areas for all types of space in primary schools. It also offers area ranges over and above this minimum to allow schools flexibility ...more

Designing School Grounds: Schools for the Future

This Schools for the Future guide, 'Designing School Grounds', encourages schools to consider how best to use their grounds for the educational, recreational and social needs of their pupils. It gives practical case studies of where schools have ...more

Briefing Framework for Secondary School Projects: Building Bulletin 98

The key purpose of 'Briefing Framework for Secondary School Projects: Building Bulletin 98' is to set out simple, realistic, non-statutory area guidelines for secondary school buildings and grounds. ...more

Design and Technology Accommodation in Secondary Schools - A Design Guide: Building Bulletin 81

This publication contains practical guidance on the process of creating or adapting accommodation for design and technology teaching in secondary schools. It is aimed at teachers and governors, local education authority advisers and building ...more

Acoustic Design of Schools - A Design Guide: Building Bulletin 93

This Building Bulletin guides architects, acousticians, building control officers and building services engineers through the process of the acoustic design of schools in the context of the various types of spaces and activities. It contains performance standards, acoustic principles, good design practice, calculation ...more

Meeting the Educational Needs of Children and Young People in Hospital: Building Bulletin 96

Building Bulletin 96 provides guidance on education accommodation in hospital settings. It reflects the wide variation on pupil's needs and looks at teaching in hospital schoolrooms, at the bedside, in isolation wards and in psychiatric units. ...more

Inclusive School Design - Accommodating Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Mainstream Schools: Building Bulletin 94

Building Bulletin 94 provides advice and guidance on how to accommodate pupils with special educational needs and disabilities in mainstream schools. ...more

Modern Foreign Languages Accommodation - A Design
		Guide: Building Bulletin 92

This bulletin deals with the design, setting up and running of a building project for MFLs in a secondary school. It covers a broad range of issues, from furniture and equipment to new building work. It provides guidance for all those involved in a building project, from the teaching staff to the design consultants. ...more

Schools for the Future: Designs for Learning Communities: Building Bulletin 95

This bulletin examines the range of issues involved in the design of school buildings, in order to promote a positive learning environment which serves the needs of pupils and the wider community. It considers how to improve the design of existing schools, as well as ensure that ...more

The Outdoor Classroom: Educational Use, Landscape Design and Management of School Grounds: Building Bulletin 71

This bulletin, originally published in 1990 (as ISBN 9780112707301), has been revised and now takes account of educational developments since that date including the publication of 'The Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999' ...more

Fume Cupboards in Schools: Building Bulletin 88

This Building Bulletin reviews the requirements for fume cupboards used in schools and colleges for teaching the sciences, mainly chemistry and biology, up to A-level. ...more

School Boarding Accommodation - A Design Guide: Building Bulletin 84

The Education (School Premises) Regulations 1996 (SPRs) set out minimum standards for boarding accommodation. This Bulletin contains non-statutory guidance describing good practice and its implications for accommodation. ...more