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Service Management – ITIL®

Service Management – ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. Providing a cohesive set of best practice guidance drawn from the public and private sectors across the world, it has recently undergone a major and important refresh project.

IT Service Management (ITSM) derives enormous benefits from a best practice approach. Because ITSM is driven both by technology and the huge range of organisational environments in which it operates, it is in a state of constant evolution. Best practice, based on expert advice and input from ITIL users is both current and practical, combining the latest thinking with sound, common sense guidance.

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ITIL Versions

ITIL 2011 Edition is an update, not a new version. The updates to the publications are designed to:

  • Resolve any errors or inconsistencies in the text and diagrams, both in content and presentation.
  • Improve the publications by addressing issues raised in the Change Control Log, as analysed and recommended by the change advisory board (CAB) and approved by the Cabinet Office, part of HM Government. These are largely to do with clarity, consistency, correctness and completeness.
  • Address suggestions for change made by the training community to make ITIL easier to teach.
  • Review the Service Strategy publication to ensure that the concepts are explained in the clearest, most concise and accessible way possible. There is no notion of simplifying the concepts; rather, improving the exposition of the ideas.

By the time the update is published, ITIL V1 will no longer be in existence and V2 will be actively removed from the market over a period of time, therefore the core publications will be referred to as ITIL. In order to distinguish between the 2007 and the 2011 editions, the latest edition will carry a '2011 Edition' flash.

Version 2 (V2) had undergone a major refresh which is the 2007 Edition. The 2007 Edition represents an important evolutionary step in ITIL's life. The refresh has transformed the guidance from providing a great service to being the most innovative and best in class. At the same time, the interface between old and new approaches is seamless so that users do not have to reinvent the wheel when adopting it. This edition allows users to build on the successes of V2 but take IT service management even further.

» ITIL 2011 Edition

» ITIL 2007 Edition

» ITIL Version 2

» ITIL Translations – Version 2 and 2007 Edition

ITIL: Overview and Benefits

ITIL provides a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service provision. Adopting its guidance offers users a huge range of benefits that include:

  • reduced costs;
  • improved IT services through the use of proven best practice processes;
  • improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery;
  • standards and guidance;
  • improved productivity;
  • improved use of skills and experience; and
  • improved delivery of third party services through the specification of ITIL or ISO 0000 as the standard for service delivery in services procurements.

» ITIL Frequently Asked Questions