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Safety at Street Works and Road Works: A Code of Practice

Revised for 2014 this version of the October 2013 'Safety at Street Works and Road Works - A Code of Practice' comes into force on 1 October 2014. ...more

Managing Health and Safety in Construction: HSG 224 - Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994  - Approved Code of Practice

This document contains advice on how to comply with duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 and, where indicated, on sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Health and ...more

Site Safety Handbook: 3rd Edition (SP151)

Every fourth working day, on average, someone dies on a British construction site. The hazards of building and engineering construction sites are a source of great concern to the industry. It is sobering to ...more

Health and Safety in Contruction - HSG 150

This revised publication, taking into account recent changes in legislation, provides guidance on health and safety for everyone involved in construction, refurbishment, maintenance, repair and ...more

The Safe Use of Vehicles on Construction Sites: HSG 144 - A guide for clients, designers, contractors, managers and workers involved with construction transport

Provides practical guidance on the prevention of accidents by vehicles on construction sites, by avoiding hazards and controlling the risks arising from the ...more

Fire Safety in Construction Work: HSG 168 - Guidance for clients, designers and those managing and carrying out construction work involving significant fire risks

Lists all health and safety legislation for which the Health and Safety Commission and Executive has responsibility, either directly or through an agency agreement ...more

Electrical Safety on Construction Sites: HSG 141

Provides guidance on the precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of accidents involving electricity on construction sites....more